Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sleek and Pink

The real focal point of this outfit is this fabulous pair of shoes I found while perusing one of my favorite shoe sites. Enter flashback. Growing up, my most beloved color was pink. When picking out clothes as a kid, I'd ask my mom for pink when my sister asked for purple. I had pink toys, blankets, school supplies, and my favorite power ranger was Kimberly--the pink one, of course. As I got older, I was all pinked out. I actually sort of hated it for a good number of years. Maybe it was teenage angst, but I digress.

 These shoes brought back those warm fuzzy feelings that I had for this girly hue. They unlocked some long-repressed love. They were like a piece of decadent bubble gum--a sexy, bad mama jamma piece of bubble gum... with chains. In addition to the color, I also love the pointy toe and the unique strap detail. So that the world can witness the splendor that is these shoes, I kept the rest of the outfit simple--a sheer white blouse, and a black mid-length skirt. The skirt has a cute little leather waistband and, on the back zipper, there is a cute little pop of color to complement the shoes. I also added a vintage chain necklace for a little classiness, as well as my go-to gold watch.


Forever 21 Blouse (similar blouse found here), Vintage Necklace


Forever 21 skirt (similar skirt found here), Lola Shoetique shoes, Michael Kors watch

Sweater and Liquid Leather

This is a basic look for the not-so-basic girl. I picked the sweater up for a whopping $14.95 at H&M and I knew I wanted to have fun with it. I love how it's long and cozy. I teamed it up with some liquid leather leggings to add some excitement. The textures and contrast complement each other well. I couldn't stop there, of course. Such a simple outfit needs some great accessories. This necklace is such a great find. I got it on sale at Macy's and I love the shape and interesting lines it has. It reminds me of fish bones or leaves, or something. Whatever it reminds me of, it really adds a luxe feel to the outfit. For my footsies, I decided to go with some basic pumps that have these great gold tips on the heel. It's these little details that really make this outfit an undercover head-turner.


H&M sweater (similar found here), Forever 21 purse


Target leggings (mine are old, but similar found here), Macy's necklace, Urban Outfitters pumps (I bought mine about a year ago, so if nothing similar is on UO, these are a good alternative, Michael Kors watch

Neo Leo(pard)

I should win an award for best blog titles. But this is beside the point. Now that fall is here, two emotions surface: sadness because I am going to miss tank tops and shorts, but also happiness because now I can break out my scarves and other layering pieces! I decided to do a fun fall outfit. Neutrals are so abundant during this season, so I wanted to stray a little bit from tradition by wearing a cute pink blazer (if you couldn't tell, I'm a little obsessed with pink lately). I love that it's so playful. I added some sass by incorporating this leopard print scarf. The pink and brown look really cute together, and the brown allows the outfit to be season-appropriate. I added in some cute brown wedges and my brown watch, and voila! Outfit complete.


Forever 21 Blazer, H&M top (similar here), Uniqlo jeans, Michael Kors watch (no longer available on MK website, but is on ebay) , Aldo wedges


Tobi scarf

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Deadly Denim

This week I wanted to feature a couple looks that could be worn for a night out on the town. This look is perfect for a semi-casual night, like a rooftop party or a trendy pub. In fact, it could easily go from day to night. The denim shirt is totally laid back and fun, and the leather skirt adds a little spice. Its croc-like texture makes it more interesting than the average leather skirt. I really wanted to add a pop of color, and I thought the leopard print watch would be a cute, unexpected piece. To keep things comfy, I thought some black combat boots would be fitting. 


None here :)


 Target shirt (Mine's old, but a very similar one is here), H&M skirt, Love Culture Boots (Mine are old, but very similar ones here, Target watch

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Packs a Scallop!

Hopefully, you read my title and got my joke. Wallop...scallop. Never mind. Anyway, I love scalloped shorts because they offer variety to a closet full of denim cutoffs, even though I love those, too. But back to these shorts. Not only do they have the scalloped cut that I absolutely adore, but they're ombre! Can you say double threat? As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to buy them. I decided to pair them with a top that was something other than beige because I wanted to play with the great colors they had, so I went with this blush color. The blouse has a nice sheen to it that creates contrast in texture, and the color isn't so bright that it overshadows the shorts (whom are really the stars of this outfit). I also think it's okay to be matchy-matchy once in a while, so I paired it with a mixed-media necklace that also had a couple shades of blue in it. I paired it with simple, classy neutral pumps. This outfit is already subtly sexy--no need to overdo it. And finally, a nice brass-, er, metal-knuckled clutch adorned with skulls and all, just to keep things from being too girly. This outfit is great for a summer night.


H&M blouse, Forever 21 shorts, Forever 21 necklace, Urban Outfitters heels


Love Culture clutch, Michael Kors watch

Friday, August 30, 2013

Sheer: The Sequel

Anything look familiar here? If you saw Wednesday's post, you may have noticed that this skirt was also featured in another look of mine. Yes, I'm a little obsessed with this skirt. But I'm also in loooove with this shirt. While in New York, I was excited to pick it up from a store that we don't have on the west coast. It has a painterly floral print that is bright and cheerful. Its neckline is sexy and flows nicely, but is not too revealing. The similar fabrics marry together naturally, but the top gives the skirt a little push toward bohemian that it doesn't quite have on its own. Together, I think the pieces create a look that is romantic and free-spirited. To keep things from getting too soft, I paired it with a gold spiked bracelet that plays nicely with the bright hues of the shirt.

Necessary Clothing blouse, Lex & Mila skirt, Tobi bracelet (same bracelet in silver), Forever 21 necklace

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sheer Genius

As the old adage goes, all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, this saying also applies to my favorite season of the year--summer. That being said, I have been trying to take advantage of the warm weather as much as possible by wearing all of my favorite summer outfits while I still can. That's where this skirt comes in. Sheer, flirty and equipped with a side slit, it's a refreshing take on your everyday maxi skirt.

*Check in on Friday for another outfit using this skirt.

Charlotte Russe crop top, Lex & Mila skirt, Michael Kors watch

Monday, August 26, 2013

A Little Introduction of Myself

Hi there! My name is Melissa Garcia and I am super excited to introduce you to my brand new baby blog. I decided to start a fashion blog when I noticed that the vast majority of my free time was devoted to checking the new arrivals on my favorite clothing websites, looking at fashion blogs, and shopping. When booking a vacation, the first thing to come to mind isn't usually, "Where will I go?" but "What will I wear?"  Looking for just the right top to pair with a skirt, the perfect necklace for a dress, the perfect shoes--well, just because--for me, is not an annoying or laborious task, but a mission that I must see through to the end. When I see an outfit of mine come together to my satisfaction, it brings me the type of happiness that I imagine a proud mother receives after watching her baby take his first steps. Maybe I'm exaggerating... or offending mothers everywhere, but my point is that fashion is a huge love of mine! I decided that I needed a place to document that love and to share with others. The name Petals on Concrete came from what I think embodies the type of style that I love--feminine and delicate, but always mixed with some edgy pieces. I imagine almost every outfit of mine being something that I can wander the city sidewalks in, but also something that is pretty and brings me the giddy feeling of playing dress up as a little girl.