Thursday, July 31, 2014

In the Navy

I cringed when I noticed that I am wearing a hair tie around my wrist in every single one of these pictures. It's a really bad habit of mine. Anyway, I really liked this dress that I bought from because it has such a bohemian feel to it. It's loose, simple, and the sides of it are a little flared out and longer than the center hem of the dress. I also like how it has a nice little braided detail in the back for interest. It's the perfect thing to wear to a carefree day on the beach. I added simple accessories with it--a straw sunhat, beaded bracelets, and a spike necklace...and, ugh, my favorite hairtie.


Tobi dress
Forever 21 hat (similar on site)
Aldo sandals (no longer available, similar at Ami Clubwear)


Forever 21 necklace
Bead bracelets handmade by a friend

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Denim and Stripes

Hello, all! I am super excited to finally post this outfit that I put together a few months ago. Isn't this skirt to die for?! I picked it up from a little boutique in downtown Willow Glen in San Jose called Ibiss. They have a similar one right now that they just put back in stock (I think it's called the Cupcake skirt). I didn't want to go the traditional route with this skirt--I thought a denim shirt was unexpected, and almost brought a farmhouse look to the whole ensemble. In order to still maintain some chicness and femininity, I added these cute wedges from BC footwear. And finally, to add a splash of color, my favorite coral statement necklace. You'll feel ultra-stylish in this look, but still casual enough to have a lot of fun!


Forever 21 necklace (similar on website)
Ibiss skirt (available in stores, call 408-295-8200)
BC Footwear wedges


Mossimo shirt (similar on website)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Tribal None Can Rival

I feel like writing about this dress is almost unnecessary because it practically speaks for itself. The colors are eye-catching and beautiful, and the dress works so easily from day to night. I feel like many women would shy away from accessories here because may think the dress would be too busy, but I think this dress shines even more when you give it another color to play with. This coral statement necklace really did the trick, in my opinion. I also think a burnt orange would really make the blues and whites pop--perhaps I'll try that later on. This outfit would be adorable for wine tasting or a wedding reception. Wherever you choose to wear it, make sure there will be a lot of people there because an outfit like this deserves to be seen!


H&M dress (available only in stores--purchased a week ago)
Forever 21 necklace (similar on website)
Ami Clubwear heels (similar on website)


None this time!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Return of the Wrap

I know, I know. I just talked a whole bunch of trash about the typical "going-out" outfit. But in my defense, this isn't typical. Yes, it may be a tight-fitting skirt. Yes, I may be wearing relatively common heels. But this outfit is still likely to stand out in any bar or ultra-lounge. The skirt is a beautiful emerald green that pops against the crisp white of the faux-wrap top (which I am completely obsessed with, as you can tell). I picked gold accessories because they are in keeping with the Grecian vibes of this top. No need to do anything funky or tricky with the footwear; some nice beige or blush heels are all that this outfit needs to to complete this look. If green isn't your thing or doesn't go well with your skin tone, I recommend trying this basic outfit formula with any other color of your choice!


H&M skirt (only available in stores)
Forever 21 necklace (similar on website)
Ami Clubwear heels


Mint Condition

Once in a while, I think every girl puts on an outfit in which she feels super confident and, yes, even pretty. For me, this is that outfit. I love everything about it! Upon being invited to a birthday party at "the club," I started thinking of what to wear. I was tired of the usual ensemble--a tight-fitting skirt or dress (usually in dark "evening" colors) and heels. Every girl wears this. I've worn this a bazillion times. I wanted to wear something fun and playful-- something more summer-y and more representative of my personality.

When deciding what I was going to wear, I just knew I wanted to wear this top. I love its Grecian-like qualities and clean lines. I initially started pairing it with the usual suspects--tight skirts. It was actually by accident that I paired it with this skirt. This was meant to be part of a daytime outfit. However, when I put the two together, I loved what I saw. The top was sexy and appropriate for the evening, and the skirt was flirty and girly. It was voluminous and made my figure look a little more curvy. I added my favorite pink shoes to the mix because their straps are so sassy, but the color keeps them playful and not trashy-looking. The colors work so well together, and the smooth texture of the top juxtaposed against the waffle-like texture of the skirt looks awesome. In addition to feeling like a million bucks in this outfit, I was even more pleased with it when I saw that not one girl at "the club" had anything like it. Success :)


H&M skirt (similar on website)
Charlotte Russe purse (no longer available, similar found at Macy's)


Lola Shoetique heels (no longer available, similar found at Cicihot)

Posies and Warm Toe-sies

This outfit can sort of defy seasons. I originally wore it toward the end of spring, but I can see it being worn on a colder summer day, or a warmer fall day. On top it appears to be beach season, and on the bottom it seems to be time to curl up by the fire. But I figure, if people once got away with mini skirts and Ugg boots, I can get away with this. Furthermore, the colors in the dress aren't overly bright so I think it works. I also love all the textures going on in this outfit--the light, soft rayon of the dress, the rough denim of the jacket, the shiny smooth leather of the purse, the textured leather of the boots, and the warm wool of the knee-highs. It's a really cute and flirty outfit to wear out to lunch with friends or even a casual date. 


Forever 21 dress
Vintage purse


H&M jacket
Steven Madden knee-high socks
Steve Madden boots (no longer available on original website, but can be found here)
Michael Kors watch

Friday, July 18, 2014

Festival Wear: Green with Envy

 There's nothing I love more than a good deal, and this skirt was definitely a steal! I got it for $7.80 at Forever 21, and now it's even cheaper on their website. I actually originally wore a headband rather than a hat to the festival, but then that broke so I sought out another accessory. The hat actually worked better in my humble opinion. The maroon color helps pick up the colors in the floral print. I paired it with a vintage leather purse I got at an antique fair. I love its chain; it almost makes me feel like I'm wearing another piece of jewelry. Though I chose to wear combat books with this outfit, you could easily switch up the shoes if you want to keep it more girly. I could see some beige wedges, flats, or even casual sandals still being very cute. 


Forever 21 skirt
Forever 21 bustier (similar on website)
Vintage Purse
Nordstrom hat (no longer available, similar at American Apparel) 


Journeys combat boots

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Festival Wear: K'mon and Have Some Fun!

I absolutely loved wearing this Kimono to the festival. It looks so simple and versatile from the front, but its back has such pretty colors that really do demand a double-take. The design almost reminds me of a back tattoo, and it feels a little edgy because of this. The other pieces are fairly simple--a flirty bustier with cute little eyelet details, and some high-waisted cut-off shorts (pretty much staples at any festival). I added the turquoise necklace so that there's some color in the front; I chose a whimsical color in keeping with the others. And because they are the smartest type of footwear you can have at a festival, combat boots were the final touch. 

(P.S. that last photo is of me in this outfit and my super stylish friend enjoying my favorite band, Rudimental! I was so hot from dancing and jamming out that I had to take off the kimono, hehe.) 


Forever 21 kimono (mine was purchased a couple years ago, similar on website)
Forever 21 eyelet bustier (similar on website)
Forever 21 necklace (similar on website)


PacSun high-waisted shorts
Journeys boots