Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Orange you glad?

I'm definitely a summer girl, but if I can't have the sun keeping my skin warm, then there's nothing like a snugly sweater and scarf to do the job. The comfort of these pieces, combined with the warmth of the colors makes me feel almost as if it is toasty outside. I'm a firm believer that being warm and comfortable doesn't mean you have to look frumpy. This outfit has plenty of pizzazz from the orange of the sweater, and it goes great with my favorite leopard print scarf. Although it's a bold print, the browns of the scarf actually help to neutralize the orange if you tend to shy away from such bright colors. Distressed jeans and neutral color slouchy cowboy boots are also a great addition to a sassy but simple outfit.


Target (Mossimo Brand) scoop neck sweater (Hurry and buy! It's on clearance!)
Charlotte Russe sueded slouchy cowboy boots


Tobi scarf (similar sold at Nordstrom)
Target (Mossimo Brand) distressed denim

Leather and Skulls and Rips and Flowers

If it wasn't immediately obvious, I love leather--or the look of it, at least. To me, it screams "bad ass," and is always in fashion. This is a very basic outfit--what really adds interest is the details in the individual pieces. The jacket has a quilted texture that I love, the jeans have the perfect rips in all the right places, and the scarf appears to be an everyday floral scarf from afar; only a closer look will reveal that it's actually adorned with skulls. The outfit is mostly concrete--but I think the scarf has enough softness to add some petals to the mix (literally). Pair it with some aviators, ankle boots, and something with crosses on it, and you are ready to get on your Harley and do hardcore activities. Or, you know, just do what I did, and jump in your Corolla and go out to lunch and the mall.


Target (Mossimo Brand) scarf (black not available online, but should be in stores)


Target (Mossimo Brand) distressed denim (Get them fast! They're on clearance!)
Members Only quilted vegan leather jacket (Snag it now! It's 50% off at UO!)
Forever 21 basic tank
H&M ankle boots
Forever 21 cross pendant bracelet

Merlot and Polka Dots

I apologize for the overexposure of my pictures. I didn't have my pal to take pictures for me, so I had to resort to a tripod and didn't notice the flaws until I got home. But the show goes on. I was really excited to do this outfit because I've had this hat for a few months and finally got the time to feature it in an outfit. I have been collecting felt hats for a little while now because I was inspired by the style of one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Nicole Alyse. You should check out her blog some time if you want to learn how to perfectly pull off a vintage tee or cut-out leather boots--but it's really worth seeing just to scope out her impressive array of hats (Running in Wedges). Felt hats are the perfect way to say "I'm fancy, but I'm also too lazy to do anything complicated with my hair." 

Admittedly, the hat is a little bougie. So that I didn't come off as a complete d-bag, I tried to pair it with some basic pieces. I chose a simple polka-dot blouse to accentuate the femininity and sophistication of my head gear, but paired it with leather pants and ankle boots to prevent the outfit from being too froufrou. This purse is probably my best purchase in a long time. It's a guest designer for Target--the line is called "3.1 Phillip Lim for Target." It is the perfect everyday bag and has beautiful structure. I snagged it on clearance for about 10% of what it's selling for on ebay. All in all, I really like this outfit because it mixes not only textures, but types of styles. I like to think of it as "classy lady meets biker chick."


Nordstrom brand hat 
3.1 Phillip Lim for Target handbag (no longer available in stores, but can buy on ebay)

H&M mixed leather pants (similar here)
H&M ankle boots


I've been wanting to do an outfit with flannel for a while now and have experimented with it a lot, but decided to post this one because so many people have these basic pieces and anyone can pull off such a cozy look. I like the way the red pops out against the army green, and it's a fun way to layer and stay warm--well, err, if you live in California. I added the beanie to keep it snuggly, and was surprised that the two shades of red didn't bother me. Since both the army green and maroon are earthy tones, I think it works. Combat boots are a must, of course. And voila, you are ready to endure cruel and unrelenting 59 degree weather in style!


Michael Kors Watch (no longer available through MK site, but available for purchase on Ebay)
Citizens of Humanity Jeans (similar here)


Nordstrom (Sashimi brand) Military Jacket (similar here)
Forever 21 Flannel top (similar here)
Ebay Beanie