Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sleek and Pink

The real focal point of this outfit is this fabulous pair of shoes I found while perusing one of my favorite shoe sites. Enter flashback. Growing up, my most beloved color was pink. When picking out clothes as a kid, I'd ask my mom for pink when my sister asked for purple. I had pink toys, blankets, school supplies, and my favorite power ranger was Kimberly--the pink one, of course. As I got older, I was all pinked out. I actually sort of hated it for a good number of years. Maybe it was teenage angst, but I digress.

 These shoes brought back those warm fuzzy feelings that I had for this girly hue. They unlocked some long-repressed love. They were like a piece of decadent bubble gum--a sexy, bad mama jamma piece of bubble gum... with chains. In addition to the color, I also love the pointy toe and the unique strap detail. So that the world can witness the splendor that is these shoes, I kept the rest of the outfit simple--a sheer white blouse, and a black mid-length skirt. The skirt has a cute little leather waistband and, on the back zipper, there is a cute little pop of color to complement the shoes. I also added a vintage chain necklace for a little classiness, as well as my go-to gold watch.


Forever 21 Blouse (similar blouse found here), Vintage Necklace


Forever 21 skirt (similar skirt found here), Lola Shoetique shoes, Michael Kors watch

Sweater and Liquid Leather

This is a basic look for the not-so-basic girl. I picked the sweater up for a whopping $14.95 at H&M and I knew I wanted to have fun with it. I love how it's long and cozy. I teamed it up with some liquid leather leggings to add some excitement. The textures and contrast complement each other well. I couldn't stop there, of course. Such a simple outfit needs some great accessories. This necklace is such a great find. I got it on sale at Macy's and I love the shape and interesting lines it has. It reminds me of fish bones or leaves, or something. Whatever it reminds me of, it really adds a luxe feel to the outfit. For my footsies, I decided to go with some basic pumps that have these great gold tips on the heel. It's these little details that really make this outfit an undercover head-turner.


H&M sweater (similar found here), Forever 21 purse


Target leggings (mine are old, but similar found here), Macy's necklace, Urban Outfitters pumps (I bought mine about a year ago, so if nothing similar is on UO, these are a good alternative, Michael Kors watch

Neo Leo(pard)

I should win an award for best blog titles. But this is beside the point. Now that fall is here, two emotions surface: sadness because I am going to miss tank tops and shorts, but also happiness because now I can break out my scarves and other layering pieces! I decided to do a fun fall outfit. Neutrals are so abundant during this season, so I wanted to stray a little bit from tradition by wearing a cute pink blazer (if you couldn't tell, I'm a little obsessed with pink lately). I love that it's so playful. I added some sass by incorporating this leopard print scarf. The pink and brown look really cute together, and the brown allows the outfit to be season-appropriate. I added in some cute brown wedges and my brown watch, and voila! Outfit complete.


Forever 21 Blazer, H&M top (similar here), Uniqlo jeans, Michael Kors watch (no longer available on MK website, but is on ebay) , Aldo wedges


Tobi scarf

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Deadly Denim

This week I wanted to feature a couple looks that could be worn for a night out on the town. This look is perfect for a semi-casual night, like a rooftop party or a trendy pub. In fact, it could easily go from day to night. The denim shirt is totally laid back and fun, and the leather skirt adds a little spice. Its croc-like texture makes it more interesting than the average leather skirt. I really wanted to add a pop of color, and I thought the leopard print watch would be a cute, unexpected piece. To keep things comfy, I thought some black combat boots would be fitting. 


None here :)


 Target shirt (Mine's old, but a very similar one is here), H&M skirt, Love Culture Boots (Mine are old, but very similar ones here, Target watch