Monday, July 21, 2014

Posies and Warm Toe-sies

This outfit can sort of defy seasons. I originally wore it toward the end of spring, but I can see it being worn on a colder summer day, or a warmer fall day. On top it appears to be beach season, and on the bottom it seems to be time to curl up by the fire. But I figure, if people once got away with mini skirts and Ugg boots, I can get away with this. Furthermore, the colors in the dress aren't overly bright so I think it works. I also love all the textures going on in this outfit--the light, soft rayon of the dress, the rough denim of the jacket, the shiny smooth leather of the purse, the textured leather of the boots, and the warm wool of the knee-highs. It's a really cute and flirty outfit to wear out to lunch with friends or even a casual date. 


Forever 21 dress
Vintage purse


H&M jacket
Steven Madden knee-high socks
Steve Madden boots (no longer available on original website, but can be found here)
Michael Kors watch

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