Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Tribal None Can Rival

I feel like writing about this dress is almost unnecessary because it practically speaks for itself. The colors are eye-catching and beautiful, and the dress works so easily from day to night. I feel like many women would shy away from accessories here because may think the dress would be too busy, but I think this dress shines even more when you give it another color to play with. This coral statement necklace really did the trick, in my opinion. I also think a burnt orange would really make the blues and whites pop--perhaps I'll try that later on. This outfit would be adorable for wine tasting or a wedding reception. Wherever you choose to wear it, make sure there will be a lot of people there because an outfit like this deserves to be seen!


H&M dress (available only in stores--purchased a week ago)
Forever 21 necklace (similar on website)
Ami Clubwear heels (similar on website)


None this time!


  1. I admire your ability to push the boundaries in fashion! Normally you wouldn't accessorize a dress with such a large print, but the coral necklace matches the color intensity of the cobalt blue!

  2. Thanks, Triple Creme Decadence! That's super sweet of you!