Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Merlot and Polka Dots

I apologize for the overexposure of my pictures. I didn't have my pal to take pictures for me, so I had to resort to a tripod and didn't notice the flaws until I got home. But the show goes on. I was really excited to do this outfit because I've had this hat for a few months and finally got the time to feature it in an outfit. I have been collecting felt hats for a little while now because I was inspired by the style of one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Nicole Alyse. You should check out her blog some time if you want to learn how to perfectly pull off a vintage tee or cut-out leather boots--but it's really worth seeing just to scope out her impressive array of hats (Running in Wedges). Felt hats are the perfect way to say "I'm fancy, but I'm also too lazy to do anything complicated with my hair." 

Admittedly, the hat is a little bougie. So that I didn't come off as a complete d-bag, I tried to pair it with some basic pieces. I chose a simple polka-dot blouse to accentuate the femininity and sophistication of my head gear, but paired it with leather pants and ankle boots to prevent the outfit from being too froufrou. This purse is probably my best purchase in a long time. It's a guest designer for Target--the line is called "3.1 Phillip Lim for Target." It is the perfect everyday bag and has beautiful structure. I snagged it on clearance for about 10% of what it's selling for on ebay. All in all, I really like this outfit because it mixes not only textures, but types of styles. I like to think of it as "classy lady meets biker chick."


Nordstrom brand hat 
3.1 Phillip Lim for Target handbag (no longer available in stores, but can buy on ebay)

H&M mixed leather pants (similar here)
H&M ankle boots

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