Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Leather and Skulls and Rips and Flowers

If it wasn't immediately obvious, I love leather--or the look of it, at least. To me, it screams "bad ass," and is always in fashion. This is a very basic outfit--what really adds interest is the details in the individual pieces. The jacket has a quilted texture that I love, the jeans have the perfect rips in all the right places, and the scarf appears to be an everyday floral scarf from afar; only a closer look will reveal that it's actually adorned with skulls. The outfit is mostly concrete--but I think the scarf has enough softness to add some petals to the mix (literally). Pair it with some aviators, ankle boots, and something with crosses on it, and you are ready to get on your Harley and do hardcore activities. Or, you know, just do what I did, and jump in your Corolla and go out to lunch and the mall.


Target (Mossimo Brand) scarf (black not available online, but should be in stores)


Target (Mossimo Brand) distressed denim (Get them fast! They're on clearance!)
Members Only quilted vegan leather jacket (Snag it now! It's 50% off at UO!)
Forever 21 basic tank
H&M ankle boots
Forever 21 cross pendant bracelet

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