Monday, July 21, 2014

Mint Condition

Once in a while, I think every girl puts on an outfit in which she feels super confident and, yes, even pretty. For me, this is that outfit. I love everything about it! Upon being invited to a birthday party at "the club," I started thinking of what to wear. I was tired of the usual ensemble--a tight-fitting skirt or dress (usually in dark "evening" colors) and heels. Every girl wears this. I've worn this a bazillion times. I wanted to wear something fun and playful-- something more summer-y and more representative of my personality.

When deciding what I was going to wear, I just knew I wanted to wear this top. I love its Grecian-like qualities and clean lines. I initially started pairing it with the usual suspects--tight skirts. It was actually by accident that I paired it with this skirt. This was meant to be part of a daytime outfit. However, when I put the two together, I loved what I saw. The top was sexy and appropriate for the evening, and the skirt was flirty and girly. It was voluminous and made my figure look a little more curvy. I added my favorite pink shoes to the mix because their straps are so sassy, but the color keeps them playful and not trashy-looking. The colors work so well together, and the smooth texture of the top juxtaposed against the waffle-like texture of the skirt looks awesome. In addition to feeling like a million bucks in this outfit, I was even more pleased with it when I saw that not one girl at "the club" had anything like it. Success :)


H&M skirt (similar on website)
Charlotte Russe purse (no longer available, similar found at Macy's)


Lola Shoetique heels (no longer available, similar found at Cicihot)

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